Friday, 27 January 2012

last day


started the day at 11 stone 7 with a goal to reach 11 6, so took no prisoners

breakfast    the usual
8.30          coffee
9 30          tea
11.00        water
12.20        eggs (scrambled on one piece of toasted rye) water
3.00          satsuma
5.30        beef cannelloni and salad  and water (small portion)

930       one glass wine (but no nibbles)

the weight this morning (Friday) was the desired 11 6.

happy days. next stage is maintenance, and mastering that bloody outdoor running thing

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

2 days

well it is my 10th wedding anniversary , I'm hardly going to do a monk on it.

breakfast    the usual
8.30          coffee, coloured somewhat by bumping into Ray D'Arcy in the lift. He only drinks one a day, in case he can't sleep, 'how many do you drink?' he asked me, 'about 4' I said, 'and how do yo sleep?' he asked me........'em, eh, em.....well now that you mention it'
right that's it, two max from now on

11.00    coffee, ann marie twisted my arm, we have this thing we do, she brings me a coffee at 11, I say, 'lovely' and she says 'you're lovely'  it's a game, but in ends in coffee

lunch      eggs on wholemeal bread

many rooibos teas / 2 oranges

5.00  two mouthfuls pasta

and then

my 10th anniversary dinner

grilled halloumi cheese, (yum), bruschetta , salad
white wine

weight 11 8

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

3 days left


really feeling this cold.

breakfast the usual
8 30 coffee
9 30 lemsip
11.00 pear, 3 walnuts
12 30 tuna salad, one slice bread.

notice the fall off in coffee!!

then at 3 in a bizarre hour I was involved in a photo shoot with Jennifer Maguire of TV fame, in a pub while holding pints!! One was spilled on me so I arrived home smelling like a pub

4.00 some nuts

5.30 home made pasta ( what am I to do, break their hearts? they spent all afternoon making it) This was had with a home cooked ham which was laboriously cooked as a result of health scare articles about processed ham. But here we are the day after it was cooked and its gone! Peas too were had

there is no way on God's earth I am running tonight, Lemsip and bed

the final countdown

weight week 3   11 stone 8 lbs   down from 12 stone 3 lbs on Jan 2nd
slow but good
back on the horse today after the week end of indulgence

breakfast   Porridge and seeds etc
8 30          coffee
9.30          tea
11.0         pear
12.30      soup (chorizo) and one slice wholemeal brown, pear, 5 walnut halves.
1 30        lemsip (it begins)
3.00       oatmeal cracker with cheese and babana, 5 walnut halves
5 30       yesterdays beef served cold with roasted veg, couscous and chili red cabbage

later     lemsips and a lot of moaning

Sunday, 22 January 2012

There will be wine

Its an insidious little beast the wine isn't it

In bits with sore throat, but still

Breakfast at 7 15 despite them falling asleep dead late. Porridge etc
10. Tea
11 30. Tea and I slice toast
Lunch. 2 boiled eggs, toms, a little cheese fruit
3 00. Coffee
5 30. Roast beef, roast potatoes, veg

Now. The midwife on NBC and one glass red. Sorry

Dreading the weigh in

disaster, well, ...ish

A sore throat, ah damn, with attendant aches and pains, and of course gentle moaning, not sure starving is a great option at the moment

but that said
Breakfast 7 30 porridge again, seeds, berries, tea
10.00 tea
Lunch 12 30 chicken salad with a little bacon, coffee
4.00 I would have had a blueberry muffin but we caught in traffic, so fruit again
6.00 picked at the kids chicken strips and potatoes, not much though
8 30 roast pheasant, potato, purple cabbage, bread sauce wine
9.30 cheese and wine
11.00 tiny cerael

I know

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Man falls from horse

Bad news I'm afraid . My previously steely will abandoned me last night . I arrived home at 5 and just couldn't face another night as quiet as all the others so I threw the family in the car and brought them to an Italian restaurant where a cold Peroni beer was always going to happen!!
I guess I'm not half man half penitent religious weirdo after all.

And I had been doing so well.

Breakfast. Porridge made on water , seeds, berries,
Coffees. At 8 40, 10, 11 and 12 15. This might be an issue, ahem, ok this is an issue
One of these coffees was had with Matt Rudd from the Sunday Times who is also on a health kick . His wife recently told him he was boring when he didn't drink . Honest to god!

Lunch. Scrambled eggs, toast a tomato and an apple. This I admit is getting dull

Snack. The fruit of temptation

And then it went wrong. Was there an emotional trigger . I'd say tiredness . And something to look forward to, a little treat.

Dinner: 1 Peroni beer. Stunning
Grilled turbot and salad, a tiny bit of someone else cold meats starter and a glass of white
This was at the new Olivetto restaurant in dun laoghaire , they don't have their wood burning oven in yet for pizza but when they do it will be even better. Lovely restaurant and great location looking out at the harbour.

Then later. 2 more glasses of wine and some cheese and crackers.

A bad man. I will run twice at the weekend to make amends